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Today there are lot of street musicians and other talented people who were just performing in the street. They’re trying to let us know that a world full of music is a world full of fun. Later this days as you walk along the street or even in the railways when you see a musician playing, try to stop for a minute and listen to what they played and then you will realized that behind that musical instrument playing and behind the song that you hear is a story to tell.

Many of them are using their talent as a way to find money to support their daily living and what they need. It is amazing to think that instead of making crimes, they choose to be involve in a good and excellent way of finding money. Why did I say so? Because nowadays instead to think even just for a little way to find money, others still decided to commit crimes.

Wow! As in wow. These guys playing are known to be called as the Drumatics. They played the melody well. It can attract attention especially to those who love to hear instrumental music with great harmony and rhythm.

Try to watch this video and you will be amazed on how the way they’ve perform and how they made the people watching them happy and proud.


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