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These Birds Were Given Money By The People On The Street. What They Did Next Will Cause You To Give Another Tip!

There are many amazing street performers around the world. They are these people who are engaging in a practice of performing in public places to earn some money. But this old man in China doesn’t have to do anything – he just have her birds do the thing.

The video you are about to see features two amazing birds trained by their Chinese owner to panhandle on the streets. When people give them coins, these birds are happy to collect and then deposit them into the owner’s piggy bank.

Watch the video below and see how they do their tricks.

This is such a clever and quite entertaining idea. Every these birds collect the tip, they are then rewarded with a treat.

Though many were amazed by these birds’ skills, there are still a few who find this act as an animal mistreatment. How about you? What do you think of these panhandling birds?

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