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She Starts Cutting An Old Bread And Stuff Some Cheese And Spring Onions… What She’s Making Is Mouthwatering

Oh, my! It’s weekend again! And it’s time to get along with family and some friends, and that traditional routine of eating together while chitchatting or watching a movie. And I know you are now having a hard time thinking of what surprise food you are going to prepare. Worry no more, we’ll handle that and we introduce to you a deliciously irresistible recipe.

If you have some old bread in the house, you can try to use it while preparing this amazing recipe. Start by cutting it as to create a grid on its surface. In these slots put cheese, butter and onion (but you can experiment with bacon or other cheeses): after cooking it, you’ll also eat the dish together with you friends and family!

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Video Source: HackingFood

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