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Cork Bartender Singing A Stunning Song As He Serves Drinks To Customers

When you truly love your job, you are enjoying your work, and if you are enjoying you work, you do things easily. And speaking with these things, this bar tender in the video below, seems like doesn’t only like his job, he really loves his job, because aside from doing his service as bartender he do also entertain people by singing.

Customers to Cork pub The Crossroads Bar were treated to more than a good pint on Friday when the barman began to belt out a song for their entertainment. John Horgan, who works at the pub in Knockavilla, almost wowed the bar’s occupants off their stools when he began to sing a Jim McCarthy classic for his happy audience.

He didn’t slack on his work either as he continued to serve drinks throughout the performance. So what can you say about this one?

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