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These Kids Dressed Like A Lady. But What’s Interesting Is Not How They Dress But How They Expressed Themselves. You’ll Surely Enjoy Watching Them!

The video you are about to see is the video of the three kids expressing themselves in their own hilarious way. What they did will surely make you laugh or maybe get mad, irritated, or I may say a little bit confused?

These kids are dancing and lip syncing to Katty Perry’s song entitled “Teenage Dream.” Probably what they’re doing is what they’re dreaming of becoming or maybe just doing it for fun. I myself is a little bit confused as well.

Whatever the reason why they’re doing this thing doesn’t really matter as long as we’ve been entertained by them then that is fine. We don’t really have to kill their trip or dreams by saying any accusations. They’re just kids and at their stage confusion always takes place. A Big Wow for their performance! They’re so funny! May god will lead them the right way to be a good person as they can.

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