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This Egg Recipe Is Surely Going To Make Your Mouth Water – You Must Try This One

If I were to name the most consumed food all over the world, then it would eggs. Every day people are consuming almost millions of eggs and it is really amazing. The egg is a very versatile food that you can cook it whatever you want. In the video below, you will learn a new recipe using eggs, and it’s not only amazing and delicious, it is also artistic and colorful.

In this simple video tutorial, a man shows you how to create deliciously colored eggs to decorate your table. The most interesting aspect is the absence of white vinegar, which is usually used to characterize the flavor of the final dish. Dipping instead boiled eggs for 30-45 minutes in food coloring and by stirring every 10 minutes, you can create these delicately colored eggs to fill at will. Very easy!

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Video Source: Crouton Crackerjacks

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