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Bon Appetit: How To Make Delicious French Fried String Onions

Usually in cooking, onion is just a part of the ingredients, but in this recipe below that you are about to watch, onion is the star of the plate. White onion is a very versatile vegetable used in many dishes. If you have been delighted to eat potato French fries, get even more delighted by tasting this French fries onion.

French fries onions are very famous in several restaurants around the Southeast. A great southern staple.  This recipe below produces a light and delicate crust over very thin-sliced onions. Serve up a big plate of these onion strings and watch them vanish!  Watch the video below.

Thanks to Laura for making this recipe. We hope you like this one. And Whenever you have tried already cooking this before, share us your thoughts in the comment box below. And also, do share this post with your family and friends online. And for more updates, visit our website more often.

(h/t: Laura in the Kitchen)

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