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Watch As Contestants Of This Game Show Trying To Sing While Facing Ridiculous Challenges

There are lots of funny game shows around the world, but I think this one is the most popular of them all. Why? Because aside that this game is really, this is also a bit challenging, especially if you have phobias to reptiles, insects and many more. This game is called “Killer-Karaoke.”

There is only one rule, whatever happens to you never, ever stop singing. But that’s harder than you think when you’re being lowered into a water tank full of frogs and snakes. Which is what happens to the woman above in a segment of the show that’s been uploaded to YouTube. Watch the video below.

It’s hilarious to watch as the woman at first tries to maintain her composure, but then completely loses it as the amphibians get poured into the tank and her karaoke becomes a combination of terrified screaming and singing. What can you say about this one?

(h/t: Smash )

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