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Homeless Single Father Breaks Down On Camera, The Reason Why Is Surely Going To Make You Cry

Being a single father is not an easy thing, raising your kid alone, facing life’s battle alone and what would be harder than living without your companion? James is a single father that made a move from New York City to Denver so that his family could have a better life. But it seems life is not on his side, unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as he would like and although he has a job lined up, and he lost his opportunity for housing.

This left him and his son living on the street and going through a very difficult time. So when TV host Leon Logothetis found him, he decided to give something to him. It started with $1000, but if that was not enough he gave him something else that touched the homeless man so deeply, that made him broke down on camera.

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Video Source: Leon Logothetis

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