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After I Found Out The Reason Why He Shaved His Tongue?…It All Really Make Sense

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the three most popular social media sites, and if you have ever spent most of your times checking your account using these sites, you know that pictures can get dozens and even hundreds of “Likes.” Many people nowadays are getting more hooked to social media and even those with a passing interest in the modern communication, getting “Likes” is like an addiction. They constantly check if anyone else has “Liked” their statuses.

In this 2-minute video below, you see how social media photos are often faked. And everything is not only happening with Photoshop. You can’t believe anything and everything you see on social media. And this guy named Matthew Rycroft, director of Salzburg, Austria is going to show just how fake things can be when he invents social media use on Instagram, jennywanderlust.

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Video Source: Matthew Rycroft

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