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Cute Little Girl Imitates Adele Singing ‘Hello’ – Now, Netizens Love Her Much

Little children are just adorable. They do things that seems hilarious to bigger people like us. Because of their curiosity, they try new things that are sometimes unexpected. Just like this 2-year-old girl named Bexlee Mariel wherein she is caught by her mother imitating Adele’s “Hello”.

This world-hit song is being played on radios worldwide as well as in the car of the Bexlee’s family. The video shared on the Youtube channel Tangee McMahon has more than 755,000 views now and counting.

Watch this video of a 2-year-old girl who imitates Adele singing “Hello”. The netizens just love this child!

What can you say about that?
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Video from Tangee McMahon.

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