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He Drenches A Can Of Condensed Milk In Water. Then He Comes Up With An Amazing Dessert.

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Image Source: YouTube/ Todd’s Kitchen

When it comes to desserts, one of the most desired is always Caramel. Caramels are delicious and we all know that. YouTube Channel Todd’s Kitchen has come up with an amazing demonstration of caramel recipe with the use of a stove. This amazing recipe will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Surely guaranteed!

You don’t even require much stuffs to prepare this amazing recipe. At first he places a sealed can of condensed milk into a pot of boiling water. He makes sure that the can is covered with water as the low level of water can result in explosion. Todd also mentions that you can boil multiples can at a single time. After boiling the cans you can let it cool down for few hours before opening. The result you get after that is just awesome. You have your desired creamy caramel.

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