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Japanese Students Does Extremely Incredible Group Jump Rope Routine Goes Viral – Must See

group jump rope3

A video uploaded on Facebook showing Grade 6 students from Fuji, Japan doing a really jaw-dropping routine jumping on a jump rope as groups gained popularity online.

The video was uploaded on the Fuji Jump Rope Association Facebook page and now has over five million views as of writing and the numbers are still rising to more views.

group jump rope1

As you can see in the video, it shows two kids holding a rope on each end while saying and doing some queues for the other children to prepare to jump.

The two kids then started turning the rope continuously while chanting. Then, groups of four and five children together with linked arms, went and jumped through the turning rope continuously without any gap or stop between. The children seemed to do an 8-shaped pattern or even an eternity sign.

As the routine was completed, the children then cheered loudly! Some even hugged each other in great joy!

“Fuji Jump Rope Association, which is supported by the Fuji City Board of Education, the exercise is part of the Kattobi graduation project.”

This video has been already been viewed by millions and with that comes the appreciation and the comments of other people.

One Facebook user said,

“Japanese education is so progressive and disciplined…”

Another one said,

“It’s not that they have super special genes. The difference is that they are very disciplined, from when they are small and that makes it the best in everything that they intend to do. If they put that discipline in several aspects of their life, they wouldn’t be envying the achievements of others.”

What these children did really showcases their discipline, patience and the eagerness to do such unbelievable thing even with their age. May this be an inspiration to others.

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