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This Kid Actually Did Something So Messy. But Look At His Innocent Face When His Dad Confronted Him… So Cute!

Sometimes we forgot to check our children on what they are doing because we are too busy doing something. Without even knowing sometimes, they are doing playing with something which actually make us worry like seeing them playing dirty things and the like.

A Child is child, their young innocent mind doesn’t know yet the rules of life. They will do what they want to do, they will play if they want to play. Despite that sometimes you get irritated because you are convinced of what they did, still you will love seeing them discovering what is wrong and right.

Like this video below you are going to watch. A child is very ignorant of what he did inside the house. What he actually did is something so messy, he strayed the Sudocrem around inside their house. As you will see in the kids face, he also smear also a sudocrem on his face.

Who can be more cuter than this kid?

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