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When the cat is away the mouse will play, okay this sounds cliché, let’s make it – when mom is away these kids will play! This dad in the video is full of creative ideas to keep his kids well entertained, even if mom disagree. This daddy really knows that his kids love to eat candy, so he did this one.

In the video below, this particular dad has a game for his kids that he has named the “Candy Challenge.” At the moment he signals his kids to get the candy, his kids did something so incredible. I don’t know if this is the extended family of Spiderman, but I assure you, no one is harmed during this game. Watch the video below.

So what can you say about this one? Share us your thoughts in the comments below. And also, share this post with your family and friends online.

(h/t: Buy Genuine Phentermine Online)

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