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Have you ever ask yourself what or who you would look like if you become a boy or a girl? Most who are not contented with their gender always ask themselves that kind of question. If you are a guy and you will transform to woman what do you think you will look like?

This video will show you the men who have undergone the makeup transformation. The result is beautiful. You won’t believe they can be prettier than women.

Most men are masculine and hairy and so what the make-up artist did is transform the half of their face to see how they look like if they become women and to find out what make-up can do to make their selves look better.

We can see the half part of their face is already clean. Then the make-up artist started to apply foundation, eye liner, and long eye lash, lip liner and blush on. A wig has been put as well. The men were amazed with the result. They look pretty than any other woman.

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