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This Man Will Surely Blow Your Mind. Hopefully He Won’t Be Blown By The Wind.

The video you are about to see is the video of man hanging at the side wall of a bus in London.

From the start of this video we can see a bus running towards the video when suddenly the bus turned right. Can you see what the bus featuring? That is just the man hanging at the side. The guy looks like touching his hand in the wall. He doesn’t look gripping at the bus to avoid himself from falling.

That really blows everybody’s mind. Look at him He just keep himself touching the bus while running. I don’t know what his trick is. That man is so amazing!

We can see numbers of people taking the video while watching that guy hanging on the bus. That is something really strange. How do you think that man was able to do that?

Look at him his hanging so happy. The bus is trying to roam him around the city. Looks like he want everybody to see what he is doing. That was a great job ever. Even the wind wasn’t able to blow him.

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