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He Looks Like A Homeless Man Just Washing Car Windows For A Living. But As You Know Him Better, You’ll Find Out What Made Him Richer!

Applying for a job does not guarantees a person to immediately get a source of income. There are some who wasn’t able to get the job they desire because of their educational background. There are some who are not just lucky to be chosen as one. However our life should not stop there. To live a better living all we need is to be hardworking just like this man.

In this video we will be able to see how a man make money by just cleaning or washing car windows every day. He looks like homeless but wait until he show you what he had invested. You will be surprise to see his house. You will never thought he can have a mansion by just washing a car window.

He is earning $1.68 each 3.6 cars, 33 light cycles per hour for 8 hours that can make him earn a total of $1163.16 per day. If we are going to multiply his daily income for a year he can make more than $200,000 per year without tax deductions. In this video we will be able to realize that as long as you work hard for the money everything can be earn.

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