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These Two People Are About To Say Their Wedding Vows. What Happened Next Will Leave Your Face A Smile. LOL!

Saying vows to each other is a very solemn part of a wedding. In this event the couples are supposed to take their words seriously and that they will have to keep what had promised to each other. Speaking of solemnity, the wedding from this video turns the event into something very funny.

The wedding is so elegant and beautiful, everyone can say. It is almost solemn not until the groom named Andrew started asking his bride Melissa to be his waffle wedded wife. Instead of speaking the “lawfully” word, the groom made it into waffle which made his bride laugh like their wedding day is the happiest day of her life.

Bloopers happen anytime to any person. No matter how we take things seriously, there are still times that we cannot avoid to create mistakes. Sometimes it can create a worst reaction for some but sometimes could also make happenings full of fun. We commit mistakes but that will never be a reason for us to be embarrassed. All we have to do is to embrace it, learn and finally correct it. It’s the same as having a married life.

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