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Witness This Heart-Melting Video That Will Surely Move You To Tears! The Message Of This Video Is Such A Good Encouragement!

Have you ever been in a situation where you confronted by a child who has a down syndrome? Do you know that most of the people who experienced that felt awkward? Many people feel guilt and pit for these reactions result from a lack of knowledge about this kind of condition.

They used to be called as “Mongoloid”, it is an ethnic insult. More and more information has been gathered about the condition that affects about one in every one thousand children born around the world.

These kids have feelings just like anybody else. When they get teased, it hurts their feelings. They want to be accepted and have friends. If you know someone with Down syndrome, you can be a big help by not teasing him, instead offer a helping hand and a friendly word on encouragement.

This video is such a heart-melting video. They are not the bad luck in us, they are special to be considered. Let us not make them feel that they are different. Make them happy just like us.

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