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High-Speed Car’s Driver Seemed To Miss The Term “Slow Down”, Goes Straight To A Car Wash…

Transportation has really changed the way the world runs. Things are just done so fast. You can now go to places you want to go in a much faster way than before. In our world today, almost all are in a hurry to school or work. This is what happened to a car in the video shared by Youtube channel Quick Quack Car Wash wherein a car just rushed inside a car wash at 49 Bicentennial Circle, Sacramento, CA.

The car is said to mistakenly steps on the gas pedal that’s why it sped up towards the facility. Thankfully, no one got hurt on the incident. May this be a reminder for all to be careful always.

Watch this video of a driver who mistakenly steps on the gas pedal and rushed straight to a car wash.

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Video from Quick Quack Car Wash.

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