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Security Guard Sings Brian McKnight’s “Back At One” And Amazingly Nails It.

So many times, Filipinos have demonstrated amazing talents, especially in singing. We no longer just look at Lea Salonga or those who are half Filipino blood making it big in the international sing. In the Philippines there are lots local talents and some undiscovered people who really have the talent in singing just like this one in the video below.

In case you were wondering what song he sang, it is Brian McKnight’s Back at One. Most videos posted on Facebook and YouTube have accompaniments like guitars, pianos and the never dying karaoke. But this security guard from Davao City, Philippines sings that song a Capella, and with little effort I must say.

I think this Security guard have chosen a wrong career, I mean with that kind of voice? He would’ve been famous if given a chance. What do you think?

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