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After Her Audition, Simon Call Her “Mega, Mega Talented.” This Girl Really Nailed It

When we talk about pure talents, then probably singing is on the top list. Singing has been widely-used talent for any talent competitions and it is no doubt that there are many people who have been discovered because of their singing talent. Their voice is their golden treasure, and this lady in the video below has it.

We all know how tough Simon Cowell is when it comes to audition acts. But there are only few people who could make him feel proud. And this lady is one of them. Britain’s Got Talent contestant Ella may only be 18 years old, but she’s got the vocal maturity of a well-seasoned performer. Watch as she croons her own original song “Summertime” on the piano, completely wowing the crowd.

Simon later goes on to call her “mega, mega talented.” And it only takes one listen to her beautifully melodic voice to understand what he’s talking about.

(h/t: Britain’s Got Talent )

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