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A Painter Who Lost His 10 Fingers But, Can Create Such Incredible Art. You Will Never Believe His Ability

” If you allow yourself to believe that you can’t do something, you probably won’t ever do it.”, said Desmond Blair. It was a principle that a painter holds who already lost his ten fingers when he was still on his mother’s womb. Desmond Blair was an inspiration to every one of us because of his different perspective in life that enables him to pursue his dreams despite his situation.

For him, having no fingers is not a disability. You are just disabled if you are not working out for things. He was still like any other average person who dreams to reach out what they want in life. Just like other kids, he also learns but in the process of time, you will be able to master it. He now produced numbers of incredible art which were made by his very own bare hands. See video below.

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CREDITS: Barcroft TV

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