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She Puts Bread And Eggs In a Coffee Mug… When She Flipped It? So Delicious.

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Image Source: YouTube/Mumsnet

Call us lazy but but we just love using the microwave to cook a meal. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy, either. The microwave really can be your best friend in the kitchen. And we’ve a brilliant cheat’s quiche for you here. We have seen a lot of recipes using microwave, but this one in the video below is totally mouthwatering.

What a delicious quick snack you can make… And in a coffee mug too of all things! This is super cool. All you need is a mug, an egg, a slice of bread, seasoning and your fillings (tomatoes, spinach, whatever you like). And, of course, a microwave! Try this one in your house and your family will surely love this kind of recipe. What do you think?

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