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Stunning Capture: Woman At The Beaches Records Something Amazing

Across the internet and television today, one of the latest viral hit has been the woman surfing off of Santa Cruz, California who has an incredible encounter with a couple of migrating humpback whales. And it’s not only that they witnessed these two giant creatures but also they had some terrifying experience to be told.

This woman floating on a surfboard near Santa Cruz, California almost ended up on the lunch menu for a humpback whale over the weekend. Barb Roettger had her camera rolling as two hefty whales popped out of the calm waters not far from the unsuspecting surfer and a pair of kayakers. Watch the video below.

Incredible footage? Yes. Surfer almost swallowed? Not quite. So what can you say about this one? Share us your thoughts about this video through your comments below and also, do share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twiter.

(h/t: BQN Barb)

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