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This Lady Was Just Dining At The Airport When She Gets Awesome Surprise From Her Boyfriend.

Here at Unique Videos, we love to feature surprises that are so touching and life changing. A woman was dining inside the food court of Changi Airport in Singapore when she got an awesome surprise from her boyfriend. They were off to a vacation somewhere but stopped to take a bite. While dining, he excused himself for a while.

She did not think this had any significance even when a group if kids began dancing at the space in front of her table. After all, she was not the only diner close to that spot and no one mentioned any names anyway. However, she soon realized the show was meant for her when two people went to her seat and asked to follow them. She was led to another group of performers until she arrived to the group where her boyfriend belonged. The next moment were lovely.

You can really tell how much this guy loves this lady. Watch the wonderful proposal above. And let us hear your thoughts about this by commenting on the comment box below.

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