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Talented Child Sings Amazing Grace With A Special Surprise At The End

Because of today’s technology, like cameras, parents really want to capture every precious moments of their kids. But, it can be a tough job to spot the right moment to tale out the camera. Though children keep on doing amazing stuffs in random manner, capturing such moments are the right time is not that easy.

Fortunately this 17 months old cute toddler in the video was in a great mood. At first her daddy asked her to sing “amazing grace”. The fact that she knew all the lyrics of the song blew me away. But, she didn’t stop right there. As soon as she sang the last part of this song, she did something that had me in shock. Watch the video below.

She seemed to love being recorded. That is why, when daddy asked her to sing, she did. And also threw in this special surprise for us. So what can you say about this one? Share us your thoughts about this video through your comments below. And also, share this video with your family and friends on Facebook!

(h/t: Daily Drops(Lyrics,Clips,Food))

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