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You Will Regret Sending You Fragile Items If This Man Will Be The One To Deliver. He Got Himself Busted!

A news from USA Today shows the video of the mailman caught in the surveillance video threw the package from the sixth staircase to the home owner’s door in Atlanta home.

The package has just been delivered on Monday. Nobody was inside the house but there was a surveillance camera planted outside the home.The box has a ceramic cup inside who was mailed by the home owner’s friend from Virginia. According to the home owner he was not expecting the package to arrive through an airmail.

From the video footage we can see how the mailman threw the package to the owner’s home door. The man is a USPS carrier. The news shows the seventeen steps to take for you to reach the house door from the driveway. But the mailman took only six steps and threw the package in front of the door.

Because the ceramic cup has been sealed inside the box good thing it was not broken. The Atlanta Postmaster is now trying to see what will be the sanction for this unprofessional employee shown in the video.

We can also see the ceramic cup delivered with its complete structure. The homeowner was thankful that it wasn’t broken from throwing the package.

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