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What This Lady Doing Will Surely Let Men Get Drunk. You’ll Unexpectedly Ask for More!

Most people go to bars to be entertain especially during their boredom situation. If you don’t love drinking wines or liquors this lady will surely convince you to take one or more shots or bottles.

Take a look at this video on what this girl doing. You might never want to refuse if this lady doing her stunts while hanging herself in the chandelier offering her drinks to you. What do you think? Can you say no to her?

From this video we can see numbers of bottles hanged up to the ceiling just like chandeliers. There is the lady hanged herself while dancing up in the air too. While dancing she can just easily get one bottle at a time to open and fill the glass with drinks in serving the customers.

Since she is not doing the simple way of bar tending customers might don’t have a choice but to take what she is offering. Hello, she is risking her life to dance while hanging at the chandelier just to serve and entertain you. Do you think you can say no to her? I bet most guys would rather ask for more.

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