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This Kid Considerably Brought The Heaviest Burden In His Life Ever. You Will Be Shock Seeing His Situation.

The video you are about to see is the video of the young boy named Vincent. Vincent can’t walk due to his edematous legs. The legs are swollen and are heavier than his body’s weight. We can see his legs in an inappropriate size at his normal age and body.

According to them, Vincent was always bullied by their neighborhood because of his condition. He used to call the boy as “Elephant boy.”

We can see Vincent sitting on the ground while waiting for somebody. The body can’t hardly stand nor walk. The mother is the one giving him a bath.

Due to financial problem the parents of the child hesitate to go to a doctor for checkup and have their child treated.

We can see in this video how shocked the people are after seeing the boy for the first time.

A doctor from Oxford Brooke University studied the boy’s condition and later out visit the boy to see his condition. The doctor did his physical examination to the child. But sadly the child died already last December 26, 2012. and this video has been dedicated for him.

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