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Ladies And Gentlemen Meet The Most Flexible Woman In The World

You might have seen a lot of contortionists on Circus or in television but unless you have seen this woman, you really haven’t seen the best. Ladies and gentlemen meet, Zlata, and when you watch her bend you may wonder of it is really possible.

In fact, she is one of the only women who is able to bend equally as much both forward and backward, and to do so without injuring her body. Studies were done to try to determine how she was able to bend so freely without injuring herself. It seems as if her ligaments allow her to do so. Watch the video below.

Regardless of why she is able to do it, it is quite amazing! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and also, visit our website more often for more updates.

(h/t: ZlataContortion)

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