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This Might Be The Most Insane Moment In Ever Political Debate History! It’s So Very AWKWARD!

Political debate is one of the most effective way to choose a good political candidate, hearing their informative arguments, ideas and thoughts that would help for the betterment of their constituents. But have you ever seen the most awkward and the most insane debate today?

Meanwhile, in South Florida, Former Gov. Charlie Crist stood alone on stage for a visibly awkward four long minutes as Republican Gov. Rick Scott refused to come out, claiming that the small fan below his opponent’s podium violated debate rules.

The moderator announced that both candidates were “not stepping up on the stage” due to “an extremely peculiar situation.” They then quickly introduced Crist, who walked out and took his spot behind the podium. Watch the video below:

Crist, a Democrat, stood on stage alone while a moderator announced that the incumbent governor would not be coming out because “the rules of the debate that [he] was shown by the Scott campaign say that there should be no fan.”

Was that really a big thing? Although, rules are rules but still, that kind of rule is so crazy!

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