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This Is The Right Way To Eat Strawberries

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. Aside from its lovely color which is red, one that tantalize me the most about its feature is its flavor which is slightly sweet and slightly sour. And there is very little more fun than going to a farm to pick them yourself. Except maybe eating them fresh off the plant. And speaking about eating this fruit, I realized I’ve been eating strawberries wrong for decades.

Although fresh strawberries go well with just about anything, morning cereal, smoothies, or yogurt, it can be very wasteful preparing them. When you cut off the green leaves, it’s very easy to chop off some of the fruit as well. And if you want to maximize the amount of delicious strawberries you get to eat, put down your knife. And never pick it up again to cut strawberries.

The best way to remove the leaves from a strawberry is with a plastic straw. So what do you think of this one? Share this video woth your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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