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This Guy Is Drumming And Dancing When Unexpectedly His Friend Slap Him. They Call It “Slap Dance.”

Dancing with friends is pretty normal for a person who would like to have some fun. Dancing is actually our great way to express ourselves if not spoken. This will help us relieve stress. This will help us forget our problems even for a few moments.

On that point are a bunch of dance steps that we can make out. If you don’t know anything, you can simply hire a dance instructor to teach you. If you can’t, you may simply make your own, precisely like the two guys did from the video below.

The two are creating their own music by drumming and dancing their own dance steps. They yell it the “Slap Dance.” While the other friend is drumming, one friend slapped his face. If they can create their own dance steps, then in all likelihood we can as well.

What the two did was great, but we don’t think slapping should be part of the stepping. Dancing is for fun not to hurt or cause any harm to people. We hope this will serve as a lesson not to harm others just to produce an enjoyable performance.

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