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Robocup 2014 Is The World Cup For Robots!

Are you a robot fan? If so this is your much awaited video to watch!

Wait as Robocop reported from a news television playing football to compete for the World cup competition for this year 2014 Robocup competition, and will be held at Jao Pessoa, Brazil.

Forty five countries will be participating in this robotic technology game and will categorize each team differently according to their sizes and construction and will be divided into kid, teen and adult humanoid field.

As I watch the video, the robots are magnificently awesome. The way they walk and did the warm up is so good to see. The World Cup competition for the robots is something that we should really watch.

I can’t wait to see them kick as they play the football competition. Robocop is one of the smartest inventions a human has made and is really impressive to see how they act as human as well.

The game must be watch really. It’s something that could entertain us especially the kids. I think kids will really enjoy watching this game. Every one of us will really love to watch this kind of competition and would be better if everybody can see it in television all over the world.

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