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This Guy Amazingly Eats 25 Big Macs That’s About 13,250 Calories In One Sitting – I Wish To Have Even One Of Them…

Food is what our body needs in order to function and for us to live. In order to survive, we must be able to eat the recommended average of 2,000 calories each day. But, when the food we take everyday is very much higher than the recommended amount, it can lead us to illnesses such as high-blood pressure.

Now, here’s a guy who doesn’t seem to be afraid of calories. He ate 25 Big macs that’s about 13,250 calories.

Here’s the video showing a guy who just ate 25 Big Macs in just one sitting. That is terribly about the limits!

What do you think of this guy?
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(h/t: Matt Stonie )

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