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This Guy Did The Whole Iconic Mario Bros. Theme Song Through His Clap! And It Sounds So Amazing!

There are lot of weird talents in the world, and it is highly appreciated because it is one of a kind and so unique. And this man in the video is among to this category.

Considering that everyone has the ability to clap whether we do it by hands and by feet. But what this guy did in the video is so amazing and so very unique. He did different pitches by his claps bending his hands to change some sounds.

With that genius ability to create different pitches of sounds by his clap he did the iconic Mario Bros. theme song. With the help of his friends who chip in with the sound effects, the guy put his unique skill to use.

The Mario Bros. classic tune has been innovated by this guy, he did a twist to make it more interesting to listen. What he did is so wonderful!

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