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This Man In India Is Called The Monkey King… But Actually He Do Things Like Spiderman! This Man Is So Amazing

I think everybody is aware of what parkour is? If you don’t know what it is, parkour is a training discipline using body movement that is developed through military obstacle course. They are using their body and the things surrounding them to propel themselves.

And this man in India, did something which is more than a parkour. This man is known to be a Monkey King in India, and he is Jyoti Raj. His climbing prowess is so incredible just like those monkeys are doing in the wild.

He climbs walls and giant stones. But before he was called the Monkey King and discovered his climbing skills it was started with a nightmare – a critical attempt to end a life. When Jyota was a child, he was abandoned at a temple and being abused by a man who had taken him in, and he felt as though he couldn’t go on.

He climbed up a steep rock with the intention to jump to end his life. But when he reached the top, we saw a crowd gathering, unaware of his intention and was actually cheering for him as he climbed. That’s when he decided to use his talent and make a name for himself.

Soon he became a local celebrity and he performs in the crowd and even started teaching young students who want to learn his climbing skills.

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