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No Matter How You Lock Up Your Babies, They Would Still Find A Way To Escape. This Video Proves It! LOL!

Are you tired of your boring day and wanted something fun and amusing? A simple search would surely give you a dozen of funny videos that will not only make you smile but let you burst out into hysterical laughter – and this one would probably be on the list.

This video is a compilation of YouTube babies breaking free from their cribs and is set to “Mission Impossible” theme. You’ll be left in awe when you see how clever these babies are to find a way out of their prison beds and cribs.

Watching them climb, jump, dive and crawl their way to freedom is absolutely adorable and at the same time hilarious.

These babies are really brilliant doing everything they can just to break out of the cribs and the gates which hold them captives.

We may not not know their reason for escaping or where they are going, but I’m sure that this is something we can all relate to. After all, we were once kids and probably have experienced trying to escape our cribs too.

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