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‘American Cheese’ Is Not Actually American Or Even Cheese – May This Be A Warning

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Anyone of you who really loves to eat and consume cheesy cheese foods? Well, everyone seemed to be loving to have a bite from a cheesy and delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Indeed, cheese is just favored by many in terms of taste and flavor. But, not all the products that has “cheese” on it is REALLY cheese.

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Many of you might have already heard of the so-called “American cheese”, right? These are commonly found in grocery stores wherein the “cheese” in wrapped in a plastic wrapping that is mostly used in burgers and sandwiches.

But, did you know that American cheese cannot be classified as cheese legally? This is because of the over fifty-one percent of the American cheese is not actually cheese.

In the packaging of the American cheese, you will notice that there is a “pasteurized cheese product” label on it. That means that it has lots of other additives on it and it’s also cheaper compared to the REAL one. The additives on the American cheese makes it last longer than real cheese.

And for your info, the real name for American cheese is “embalmed cheese”. You know where embalming used, right?

american cheese1
The American cheese really came from Switzerland.

Processing of cheese was invented by Swiss scientist Walter Gerber on 1911 but, a man named James L. Kraft, grabbed the American patent for that processing method making his company became the first who created slices “American cheese singles”.
Americans really did embrace the “embalmed cheese” product by Kraft and until now, it is still popular and common in grocery stores and homes. Though, they need to sacrifice the taste and the flavor of real cheese.

The Real Cheese
According to the FDA, once a product contains more than 51% additional ingredients, it can’t be longer called a REAL ONE. That’s why, processed cheese is not CHEESE at all.

What to do?
First, EAT REAL FOOD. Yes, that’s exactly it. Choosing foods that are REAL can be very beneficial to one’s health no matter what others will say. They might be pricier that the processed ones but, you’ll be satisfied in the taste and flavor of it.

Here’s a video showing how the American cheese can’t even be melted in direct flame.

What can you say about this?

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Margaret Nelson
Organic Authority

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