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Woman Disappears During A Live TV Broadcast – Must See

woman vanishes2

A woman in a video seems to disappear before the eyes people who have watched the live broadcast on Danish TV.

In the video, we can see a man being interviewed on the right and two women in the left side. There are also other people at the back. As a woman comes near the camera, the woman in blonde hair disappeared from nowhere. This video seemed to be in an airport.

Watch the video now.

People have been puzzled on how did the woman disappeared that fast. Some people say that it is just an optical illusion with the help of the camera angle. But, still, there are people who are believing that this is time travel. What actually is time travel?

time travel1

Time travel is a concept of movement wherein a thing or a human being can go across different time. This is commonly seen movies like “Back to the Future” and in TV shows. One is said to travel in time using a machine called Time machine. It is also said to have a vehicle that is connected to a portal in a point in time.

time travel3

But, with thorough research and studies, this concept is still part of fiction and philosophy. But, some scientists and researchers believe that one can travel through space once you do a faster-than-light travel. Well, just imagine the speed that thing could go.

time travel2

Another thing that can make travel in time by entering a wormhole. Wormholes are said to warp space time make you travel in another space and time with the help of a so-called traversable wormhole.

Here’s another video that will surely puzzle your minds on how that happened. Most people will say that this is a product of computer animation and editing. But, see it yourself.

It’s still really hard to believe that one can travel through time. But, we don’t know in the future. It might become a reality.

What can you say about this?

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