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These 3 Guys Will Actually Surprise You To The Extent That You Will Like What They Did To Their Performance! What You Will See In This Video Will Surely Amaze You!

Well I think if you have some issues about men wearing high heels, this performance in the video will end up your agony why they wear it. I know a lot of us has already know this popular trio lead by Yanis Marshall from the most popular talent show on earth – Britain’s Got Talent.

You will probably do not expect this men to wear high heeled shoes because their face are so masculine and their voice… no comment but are they actually men? Not judging but just asking. Male dancers Yannis, Arnaud and Mehdi audition with a girl power high-heeled routine and struck the audience of the show.

I think this is a threat to all boys wearing supra shoes and doing some cramping lol! Why not try this one? Vogue, I think this is the genre of their dance. If you like this video, you can share this to your Facebook or Twitter account. Don’t forget to like us by clicking the buttons below.

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