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This Another Masterpiece Of John Legend “You and I” Will Surely Make You Cry And Love All The Girls Like You Never Did Before! Watch This!

Soul singer John Legend’s another masterpiece of song with a title “You and I (Nobody in the world)” has almost make the whole world cry after his beautiful song “All of me”. Last June 10, the song goes out of the market and after hearing it most of the listener cried a river and changes their perceptions in any type of girl in the world.

This emotional song has captured the hearts of every listeners most especially the women. This emotional video showcase every women in the world with different types, shapes, ages and professions including an athlete, student, young girls, mothers, mothers-to-be and a cancer survivor.

It shows in the video that every women are looking at their selves in front of the mirror and see nothing aside from their flaws. Nowadays, physical appearance is one of the factors to win in everything most likely in career and love life.

Hidden agonies and longings are brought out in this music. As you listen to this song even though you are a men or women you can relate. Acceptance in the world full of judgments and prejudice is the main root of this song.

After watching this inspiring music of John Legend, you might hug every types of women in the world.

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