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You’ll Intentionally Add Another Ice Cream To This Girl Not Because Of The Taste But Because Of What She Can Do To Serve It To You

Do you love eating ice cream? Do you really mind whats the taste when buying it? For sure some just trying to buy to test how the taste was but not intentionally because you love it.

In this video you will convince yourself to buy one not because you want to know the taste. It’s just because you would like to see what the ice cream girl can do to serve it to you.

This video is featuring a Filipino girl who sells an ice cream. We can see different flavors from it. At first we find the girl doing just an ordinary thing of molding the ice cream. But wait until she do her stunts before she serve it to you.

She looks like just playing a football tricks. To see her throwing the ice cream up in the air and catch again and again with different stunts then pass it to her coworker is simply amazing! The customer asking to see her do it again. If you will be the customer do you think you’re not going to add some more ice cream?

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