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You Will Really Love This Traffic Light Especially When You Know How It Works… What A SMART Idea!

How can we keep people on the curb, instead of crossing against the light? Entertain them. City road can be dangerous if don’t have the right directions especially if don’t have any traffic lights.

Very smart from Smart, the company behind the original smart car, has devised a new way to help pedestrians wait for the walk signal and keep the streets safer — a dancing traffic light. The latest campaign is FOR, it is about positivity and urban mobility.

‘FOR’ is an institution that can change the world. With this great idea of real movements from people nearby, the dancing traffic light entertains people at the intersection until it’s a safe time to cross the street.

They started by placing a dance room on a square in Lisbon, Portugal and invited random pedestrians to go into the box and dance. Their movements were then displayed on a few traffic lights in real time. The car brand claim that 81% more people stopped at the red light.

This dancing traffic light is an idea for the threshold of consciousness which is very effective. The campaign hashtag for this is #WhatAreYouFOR which emphasizes the company’s dedication to safety.

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