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Wonders Of Nature: Behold, The Flaming Fire Waterfalls In California

We are living in a world full of wonderful things, full of amazing places and full of incredible discoveries. Have you ever heard about the waters in Horsetail waterfall turn into a beautiful flaming fire? Well, this really look like a natural formation – A God’s creation!

These horsetail waterfalls looking like a flaming fire is indeed a beautiful formation. Of course, this is not a real fire, but it is indeed an amazing natural attraction. These waterfalls belong to Yosemite National Park, California.

The flaming fire of Horsetail waterfall is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs only in the month of February when the weather changes from winter to spring. During this time, the snow melts and becomes water, running down the weather in Yosemite National Park and falls from a height of the cliff.

These seasonal waterfalls are affected by the glorious color of the spring sunset light, and thereby the water color changes to gold, yellow and bright orange, giving the waterfall an amazing appearance of flaming fire.

You can see many eye-catching pictures of these flaming waterfalls in the images below. The video from Yosemite National Park shows and explain this wonderful, glowing phenomenon.

“Yosemite Firefall” is another significant aspect related to this area that people often get confused with. It was a summertime ritual where burning hot embers were dropped from a height of about 3000 feet from the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park down the valley below, and from a distance this used to look similar to a glowing waterfall, because the people who used to dump those embers made sure to do so in a uniform fashion.

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The ritual was performed by several generations of the owners of the Hotel Glacier Point, starting in the year 1872 until January 1968 when it was ended after an order from National Park Service because of the overwhelming number of visitors it attracted, and the fact that it was not a natural event. The last picture in the image section shows the Yosemite Firefall in past.

Horsetail – Flaming fire waterfall
Yosemite Firefall

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