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Image Source: YouTube

It is normal for us to react strange when someone shock us or scare us unexpectedly. Sometimes we tend to shout or even run because of course of thee feeling of being scared, and we even get nervous. We have seen a lot of pranks on the internet but this one on the video below that you are about to watch, it will surely going to make your day! Because this is really hilariously unexpected.

This kind of trip is not new to those group of friends who loves to make fun along the street with each other. Have you heard the very popular song of Sia with the title ‘Chandelier’? Of course possibly you do. In this video, you will witness two Asian students walking along the streets when suddenly one guy did something ridiculous to them. We don’t want to spoil this funny video so it for you to watch what happens next.

So what do you think of this one? This video is really funny. If you enjoyed this one, Share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And also, visit our website more often.

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