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These People Show Their Concern For The Sick. After Seeing How The Lady Looks Like They Keep On Running Badly. They Are So Funny!

Have you tried helping sick people? Are you not afraid of the possible thing that can happen to them while you’re taking care of them?

The man from this video asking favor to people passing down the street to look for his wife. He just urgently need to call a taxi to go to the nearest hospital. A lot of people became a victim of this prank. Most of them thought that the prank is a real situation.

In this video we see people who did the favor of the man for the sake of the sick wife. While they are talking to the wife, no voice was heard it was then when Samaritans tried to clear the woman’s face from the covering hair when they’ve found out that the woman is dead. Their reactions are insanely surprising and shocking. That was so funny. They never know it was just a prank.

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