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This Might Be The Scariest Job Interview Ever! See The Reason Why…

We all have no idea when the world will end, but absolutely we know that everybody will have that same feelings. Of course, none of us could predict what it would really look like, what feelings would it brings to us. But what if it happens now?

Technology nowadays is nothing but really surprising, so when this advertisement was released in Chile, everybody was really shocked. A popular company tricks applicants for a bogus job as they install an 82-inch screen which shows a gigantic meteor striking the land and wiping out the earth.

Applicants for a bogus LG electronics job were given the fright of their lives as they witnessed a meteor strike tearing up the world. The company installed an 82-inch Ultra HD TV screen behind the interviewer and disguised it as a real window viewing the city below.

After they have installed the cameras around the room, LG then screened a meteor strike on the huge TV sending the four job applicants cowering behind their seats. Several hidden cameras picked up their reactions which will be used in a TV Advert in Chile.

The video starts with the slogan ‘Reality or Ultra Reality?’ as it shows workers setting up a bogus office with hidden cameras.

They have installed the 82-inch TV in a gap which made it look like a panoramic view onto the city below. Job applicants were then ushered into the room as the interview began in a formal manner before a bright light on the TV screen lit up the sky.

Four unlucky applicants – two men and two women – were then filmed in the fake office being interviewed for a job with the company.

A gigantic meteor then came crashing down and wiped out the city as the applicants cowered below their chairs.  But when they found out it was a joke – several failed to see the funny side. The clip with the slogan ‘The World’s First 84 Inch Ultra HDTV’.

It is a cruel but entertaining prank which does a highly effective job of promoting LG’s ultra high-def televisions.

However, some comments online by those who have seen the ad claim the whole process was faked. They claim actors are playing the parts of applicants and interviewers to promote the company’s latest television. Either way, it’s not yet known which is true.

This type of marketing is called a prankvertisement and since the clip appeared on YouTube on Monday it has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

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Video source: SquashedGreenTomato

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